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Seipone, 2012

Performance, 4d 0h, Dimensions Variable


The first phase consists of writing a biography on the wall for six hours straight. That time is concentrated only on writing. The journal ends when the six hours are complete. the following day the next six hours are spent erasing what was written. The rubbing out takes place word for word line by line. That which was recorded the previous day gets removed as it is being read. The process of elimination is a struggle in that one can never fully erase what was transcribed. Traces of what was written get left behind. An attempt at expunging a biography becomes an exercise in vanity.The 3rd day of the performance continues the process of memoir writing. Using the lines created on the first day the personal journal continues. The next six hours consists of writing over what was erased. The last and 4th day of the performance consists of six hours of removing and erasing what was written.

At the end of the performance the one foot high plinth that has been collecting all the erasure and pencil rabble tells the story of the 4 days of performance. The narration is then two fold, in the remains of the strained wall and the evidence of that labour being collected on the plinth.

Photographer: Erik Dettwiler, Berlin/Zurich, 2012

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