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Oophaga vicentei x Oophaga pumilio, 2010

BioArt, 2cm x 3cm x 1cm


Oophaga vicentei x Oophaga pumilio is the scientific name of a hybrid frog that has been produced in captivity. The “x” sign indicates that it is a hybrid and the names on either side indicate the parental species.

As a child of parents from different countries, Shamma is always compelled to describe her parents’ origin instead of her own when people asks her where she's coming from. It led her to wonder whether she is bearing a seemingly unknown problem. By breeding a hybrid, fertile frog and simultaneously writing a diary of reflections in her everyday life, Shamma is exploring hybrid disciplines in an attempt to understand the hybrid concept.

Oophaga vicentei x Oophaga pumilio was first exhibited at the Natural History Museum in Stockholm in May 20 – Jun 7 2010. Later it has been shown at Multicultural Center (fall 2010) in Fittja and Aquaria Watermuseum, Stockholm (2011). A video of the project has also been shown on the FIA International Art Festival in Fittja (2011) and Hidden Cities & Hybrid Identities o Rome Italiy (2012), organized by International Art Expo.


The project is documented by a film and reflections are highlighted in a booklet/essay (On the Origin Of Oophaga vicentei × Oophaga pumilio).

Master thesis ”Spaces of in-between ‘Hybridity’, self-identification and agency of change in staff narratives of non-Belonging” (2011), written on the project by Daphne Arbouz, Lund University, Centre for Gender Studies, Lund.

Articles and publications on the projectKempe, Jessica, ”Konstfack plays and dreams”, interview in Daily News (Dagens Nyheter), 2010-05-23.

”Notions of a hybrid”, article in MIX: The magazine for colour, design & trends from global color research, 2010 nr. 21, London.

Dupont, Linn, ”Konstfack opens its annual spring show”, interview at Sweden’s television

(SVT):culture news (Kulturnyheterna), 2010-05-23.

Radio Call (2009): interview at Swedish Radio P1: Tendens,”Where are you from dear?”, about growing up as children of parents from two different countries, with Linda Shamma Östrand.

Angelica Tibblin Chen and Jesper Hiro, by Cecilia Mora, Stockholm, SVR P1, 14/12.

Boemio, Camilla, “Hidden Cities & hybrid Identities”, review in Papale – Papale: settimanale diattualità senza infingimenti, 2012, nr. 17.

Thelning, Anna. ”Linda Shamma Östrand”, interview in People Stockholm, 2010-05-23.

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