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Modus operandi: Convergence point, 2012

Cotton, UV color , 600cm x 1,000cm x 1,000cm


The project “Modus Operandi" looks at what is significant for artistic practice in relation to the techniques and tools developed within the field of forensic research.The work involves examining what new forms of cooperation can result in and also how they can be described. The project began in January 2011 in the form of a qualitative study at Konstfack University Collage of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm Sweden and was done in collaboration between artist Linda Shamma and a investigator at the police's technical squad in Gävle, Sweden.

After the method study, commenced an exchange of practices commenced in which I as an artist attempted to implement forensic techniques in my own artistic practice. The first part of the work was performed and exhibited at the Galleri Kvarnen in Söderhamn in August 2011 consisted of a calculated a convergence point – a marker utilized in forensic contexts to position victims of a violent action at the scene of a crime. Some parts of the work has also included a collaboration with researcher at the Swedish National Defence College (FHS) and Royal School of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Articles on the project

Articles; Blomkvist, Olle, ”Artwork will help the police solve crimes”, interview in New technology (Ny teknik), 2011 nr. 43.

Ihmels, Yvonne, ”Mixed Art Mixed Races”, interview in Kulturtidskriften Cora, 2011 nr. 25.

Wikström, Sanna & Ronge, Johan, "In the line of fire in Söderhamn", review in Gefle Dagblad, 2011-09-03

Hedqvist, Christina, ”Arts that combines”, interview in Hälsinge Kuriren, 2010-11-01.

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Brunzell, Agneta, ”Mixed themes on Kvarnen Gallery”, interview in Hälsinge Kuriren, 2010-10-30.

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