Abigail Satinsky

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Artist-Run Credit League, 2011

Credit Association, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


A proposal for an Artist Run Credit League

The concept of an Artist Run Credit League was derived from that of the Tanda. Basically, a Tanda is a form of rotating credit association and monetary practice formed upon a core of participants who agree to make regular contributions to a fund which is given in whole or in part to each contributor in rotation. Such a form is often utilized by Mexican and Latin American immigrant communities as means of establishing informal credit when the use of banks is not a viable option. One of the most essential elements to any Tanda system is a mutual trust amongst all contributing members and a shared faith in the value of the community itself.

As an art historians and arts administrators, we at InCUBATE have become aware of how the current economic recession is throwing into relief a problem that we have been wrestling with for some time, namely the tremendous lack of arts funding in this country. Thus we believe that today more than ever, young aspiring artists and alternative art spaces would benefit greatly from a type of Tanda-like network, hence our latest project: the Artist Run Credit League (ARCL). Besides acting as a creative gesture to provoke discussion regarding the current nature of arts funding in the United States, the ARCL will also guarantee a regular (albeit small) burst of much needed economic stimulus to Chicago’s artistic community.

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