Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey

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Insert Pause Here, 2012

HD single channel video, 90" x 144", 2h 22m 0s

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SAME BUT INDIFFERENT: Robyn Voshardt / Sven Humphrey

February 18-March 25, 2012


141 Attorney Street at Stanton

New York, NY 10002

SAME BUT INDIFFERENT, Robyn Voshardt / Sven Humphrey's most recent body of work, embodies the dilemma of holding multiple viewpoints or choices simultaneously while seeking decisive equilibrium. The artists propose that indifference be seen as a utopian state of active impartiality, infinite options, and capability to develop in more than one direction, rather than a pejorative describing an apathetic body and mind.

Voshardt/Humphrey's large scale video installation, Insert Pause Here (above), confronts these endless perceptual conundrums through a constantly morphing feedback loop of light and color. The video’s alternating vivid and tertiary hues influence a viewer’s experience in correlation to their current mood, energy level, and capacity for patience. It’s entirely optional to absorb the video over a long duration, or far less at a cursory glance. The alluring weightlessness, tension and mesmerizing pattern comments on our obsessive desire to generate and consume information, images, and materials to the point of saturated exhaustion.

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