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Silviculture, 2011

pigmented paper print, 17" x 11"

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The proto-photographers believed that nature itself was burnishing its own countenance upon light sensitized materials. Oddly, I am coming around to believe that they might have been right.

This body of work I call Silviculture is an index of images photographed from 2006 through 2008 of unregulated clear cutting through central and western Alabama.

I was drawn to these place, more the unseen vista as it harkens to facsimile of Alexander Gardner and Timothy O’Sullivan’s Photographic Sketch Book.

The images were shot with a 5”X7” view camera, and the images here are details within the captured photographs. I became fascinated with the details more than the vistas. Where the motion of the wind is blowing certain areas, where the light breaks down and no longer makes any sense.

I’m looking for the areas that I had no comprehension of when photographing but discover when examining the details.

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