Travis LeRoy Southworth

[window installation, solo project at Mixed Greens Gallery, NYC, 2010]

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Where I End and You Begin #3, 2010

backlit duratrans print of moles, blemishes, wrinkles and stray hairs, 108" x 250"


installation view in gallery windows, solo project at Mixed Greens Gallery, New York, NY

For this window installation I photographed the faces of twenty-four individuals—mounters, collectors, curators and artists—whom I met in the art world since moving to New York in 2007. Combining all of these fragmented portraits into one finalized work, the resulting collection of stray marks becomes the final Twomblyesque, minimalist, digital portrait. My “self-portrait” lives at the center of the piece and the other “portraits” spiral out. A solar system begins to take shape with the people I know best orbiting closest and those less familiar living at the outer fringe.

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