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[the island said I will not let you go]

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"3 Roses, 9 Ravens, 12 Months" A Fairytale made in Slovakia, 2009

c-prints, Dimensions Variable

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“The way too it is not the answer to it” said the Jaap to the Boris. So if you want to hide, you search for a place no one would look. No one looks at green.

That’s why I wish I could live in a tree but I know I need more than water and sunlight. Though I kept searching for a similar place to feel comfortable I think I was looking so hard I couldn’t find anything.

Though finally I did find something. There was a picture I took because of a story involving three brothers. The king gave them a stick to break, they did. Than he tied the three sticks together and asked them to break it again, they couldn’t. So stick together and you wil be stronger. With whom do I stick to feel stronger and is this word coming out of this story?

If you look you will find but when you try to find you go blind. Boris told me I was like a monkey which means, I think, when you loose focus or concentration and go look for everything in sight. But why not, it’s a question of believing you can push your luck instead of waiting for things to come.

That’s maybe why I never climbed a haystack before and I was definitely going to try now. I was really enthousiastic about it but afterwards I had trouble breathing for more than two hours because of all the dust and things. The experience is sometimes half the work or makes half the work, I don’t know.

Do you need to scratch or hurt yourself to feel alive. Maybe everyone had this period in his life he/she didn’t believe in pain. But I know now for sure you can’t shut down your nerves or emotion. When do I feel most alive. Looking at the past I feel many things have influenced my present being....Blablablabla as everything...death, friends, girls. You feel shit sometimes but it wil fly, I want to live life light and Helmut Smits made a Coca Cola Light.

Sometimes I was bored by what we encountered and had to do something. I found an old kitchen around the corner. I put it there back in balance and in sight, my one minute sculpture, thanks for keeping me busy Erwin. To have it easy doesn’t mean it comes easy as easygoing doesn’t mean you go everywhere.

And the day after we found a whole field of black hole suns which had to mean something. Or something else.

One day Boris finally told me a thing I didn’t know. “So when a boy likes a girl, he decorates the tree in front of her house?” “Yeah”

To decorate should be the new word if you want to court a lady. So now that we are talking about love:

“Clear Blue Sky”

when I look up & feel

rain or sun coming down

I smile at more to come

I am never done

And when I take a swim in

my underwear which is still

wet when I put my paints on

You wil think I wet myself

from happiness

am I on the surface or do

I dive in

Think or live life

can I have both to survive

preserve myself or share

I was told you only catch a fox on accident. I ran into a fox the other day, too bad someone else ran into it before me. Is it a kangaroo? was my first thought but the answer was no. Though it looks like a more freaky monster now than the fox it used to be. They are beautiful in real life and I saw two here in Slovakia. This was the third and only one I could take a picture of.

I think it was yesterday but as it often happens I’m not sure. There was a mountain with a bad haircut. It reminded me of my grandmother who used to cut my aunts and mothers hair into a crooked pony. Her defense was that the children never sat still. She was a hairdresser as a profession.

Also horses are important in fairytales. They are a sign of strength and are quite fast when they drink enough wine. Wine giving strength was new to me but the metaphor could be that it is Jesus’ blood, I don’t know. We have the tendency to give reason to things without reason. Where do we disappear or do stories begin.

About disappearing. I saw a man that jumped out of a hole and hit another guy so hard on the head that only this part was above ground.

Strangely enough the day I shook of all my old feathers was the same day I daydreamed about a car with big bad flashes on top as powerfull as needed. Maybe a firetruck with a ladder.

Back to nature without the feathers since I was not done there. Since I have to say that sometimes I truly feel I need to connect with nature; maybe even to become one with nature. I get so absorbed by this idea that my friends start to believe I will become Mother Nature. But I know I wouldn’t be a good mother.

And than I crossed the bridge that almost collapsed under my weight. Not that he is big, a bridge sometimes just isn’t strong enough. Connections between land or people, a bridge has always been a cliche of a metaphor.

Which than again brings me to the island that told me I WILL NOT LET YOU GO. Thanks Otto for your words of wisdom.

Why I didn’t make saucages on the campfire? Maybe because I did not like the music..?

It’s almost the same as the next thing. Every bird in every single house had a different colour. Only the song they sang was the same. People call them but they never listen.

So I am happy to have found the sheppard with his sheep. He is or is he the personification of protection? He talks like a fairytale person is what Boris told me. And he makes a good model or statue was my reply. I would have said more but that was my knowledge of Slovakian.

I also met a couple of storks bragging about their adventures inbetween delivering babies.

The will to be will be her drive to dive into the deep and let herself be surprised by the strength she finds. Do not feel like a fish on land. Ok mom.

It’s all about imagination

Exaggeration/Overdoing could be incorrectly put but it depends what you would like to say.

I mean, stories change every time they are told. And than we didn’t even discuss the interpretation or transformation when it enters our heads. When written down it can become this singular truth. For me fairytales are inspiration from where my imagination starts and which holds not one single truth..

So when a man told me he walked around this tree for 9 years I believed him, There was a hole in the path he walked. He told me he could walk forever. But he needed someone to give him water because he was always thirsty. He could drink a whole sea after the experience he had.

I want to go out and stay gone

gone fishing but left missing

how come and why do i wish to see the world

to feel it belongs to me as well

or am I somewhere I can’t stay

Am I in someones way

can’t imagine walking in darkness too long

do I feel like I am on a rope instead of

hanging on elastic

man, I am so full of shit

I love it here but can’t commit

or relax and lay back in this warm nest

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