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and, 2007

video, 16m 10s, Dimensions Variable

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"and" centers around a character who is always looking for more, for something different, for something else. In essence he is always asking "and". His main preoccupation is to create chaotic situations. He believes that by bringing together these different elements together beauty will emerge from the chaos. This is not so different from many of the visual and decorative arts where styles, textures and materials are commonly mixed and matched, the difference here is that his medium is his life.

with: Dan Illian, Tullan Holmqvist.

and: Mikki Baloy, Nicholas Calhoun, Davina Cohen, Eduardo del Olmo, Louise Flory, Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum, Noelle Holly, Brian Ish, Niae Knight, Andy Konrad, Alain Laforest, Cristiano Magni,Laura Parker, Chris Perry, Gabriela Remhof, Mahogany Reynolds, Michael Snow, James Vincent, Katie Williams.

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