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Liars, 2007

video, 32m 45s, Dimensions Variable

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In the past my work has dealt with themes of the construction of reality, of how what we know creates the structure for what we think is real. Because we all have a different degree of knowledge and a different experience we all perceive the same events and situations differently. With this in mind the concept of lies became interesting. From one vantage point a real or true situation becomes untrue from another. This relative positioning could be applied to character's in a narrative. This became the basis for the film.

The film uses lies in a variety of ways, from outright obvious lies, to uttering assumptions that end up not being true. The characters lie for a variety of reasons, to protect their friends, to gain an advantage over the others, or just to survive.

The most interesting lies to me is not when the characters lie to each other but when they lie to themselves, how the character lie to themselves, how they create personas that do not reflect who they are in order to make their way through the world.

It is a more subtle and devious form of lying. If in order to tell a lie a person must know the truth of the situation [otherwise it is just an inacurate fact, a mistake] then when one lies to oneself the tapestry within must, in a certain sence, block off certain perceptions and memories, or build rather intricate structures in order to justify the desired result.

with: Alistair Logan, Dean Portnoj, Maria Ruestepuro

original score: Raoul Bjorkenheim

dialogue translation: Tuike Alitalo

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