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The eyes will be the last to pixelate, 2016

Video installation and artist book, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


The eyes will be the last to pixelate tracks and updates the Latin-American figure of the Spanish conqueror and his horse to its origin in Spain, in a symbolic approach to the relations of dominance and liberation related to cultural molding between Spain and Chile. The video also proposes a reflection on the ongoing processes of digitization and technocratization of the living beings and its consequential precarization, domestication and reduction.

Dominguez worked with horses subjected to equestrian training at the main equestrian schools in Spain and Chile, researching the use of this animal no longer as a war object but as a folklore worker. At these schools horses form equestrian ballets, a discipline that trains them –through an arduous and repetitive routine- to perform pirouettes and movements unnatural to them. The artist uses these movements as metaphors of the shaping of the living and the wild that occurred with the arrival of the conquerors in Latin America; a molding that has evolved into the current transformation and global reduction of the living into pixels and light. In the video, the horses are not used to perform the tricks they have been trained for, but are being cherished and scanned by the LED hands of their trainers, who apply abstract logics of marketing and merchandising in their organic bodies, to document the horse’s bodies, textures and temperatures by touching them in order to record the information, in case they become pixels in the near future.

The symbol for fighting the electrosmog is used to unburden the wave of electromagnetic excess produced by electronic equipments. To use it, one must stare at it for three minutes in order to get cleared. The symbols that appear in the video have a dual function: they clear the electromagnetic excess of viewers while they are watching the video, and at the same time they protect the bodies of the horses in the fictional process of being reduced to pixels.


This video installation was produced by Patricia Domínguez during her residency at “El Ranchito” at Centro Matadero, Madrid and at Centro Cultural España, Santiago. This project was possible thanks to the support of Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de Chile, AECID and Patricia Ready Gallery.

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