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Gathered rotation, 2013

two-way mirror’s plates, aluminium, pearl’s plates, paper, wood, 67cm x 315cm x 280cm


Gathered rotation is the result of an action, close to performance or dance. The different materials spread out in space, keeping the intensity of movements and gestures I've made before the materials took their place. The pieces of wood, located at the center, have some circular marks on them.

'Mathilde du Sordet uses materials that are simple and sober but not neutral. They bring to mind writing and drawing, forms of art that are close to what she does, to her way of making sculpture, by sketching out the proportions with objects and combining them to create a language. This consists first of a blind layout and then examination from a distance, a look at the ensemble. An entity emerges from the various components, a ‘whole’ whose constituents are in contact with each other: here, the work is almost flat and set out on the floor like a solar panel, an ‘antenna’ in the artist’s style, the electric juxtaposition of inert materials. It might seem to be an improvisation, or a provisional configuration but it isn’t. The sculpture is first made in the artist’s studio and then reproduced as such in the exhibition space, with each component in its place. Mathilde du Sordet’s sculptures are constructed by these few gestures set between doubt and the obvious. They are not based on know-how but on ignorance: in spite of the definitions and in spite of numerous examples, we do not know what a work of art is.'

A profession of ignorance

text by Hugo Pernet

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