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Ambient Exploitation, 2013

VHS Video, animation, 21m 18s, Dimensions Variable

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Ambient Exploitation is a series of cult collaborative video/audio/physical performances embodying tech idealism, corporate mantra, present intimacy, and connected collapse. With Nicole Ginelli, Ambient Exploitation was conceived in filmic vision with a performative output. The video was animated and filmed by Caitlin Denny using antiquated video equipment and obsolete live television machines. The audio was created by Nicole Ginelli using infommercials and self help videos as inspiration. The video and audio were displayed alongside a theatrical performance in Portland, Oregon at DISJECTA. Curated by Eilish Cullen, the duo enacted the tension, hierarchy, abuse and displacement of the American work week from the view point of a "techie." Alongside 4 other male performers, Ambient Exploitation reached it's pinnacle at this performance. The piece is meant to be an ongoing series of performances centered around the same idea, using new audio and visuals for each chapter.

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