Florine Demosthene

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Guardian, 2011

Ink, charcoal, graphite and oil bar on polypropylene, 12" x 9"


I’ve been intrigued by the black female body in contemporary visual culture and I’m piqued by how her physical size is suppose to dictate a certain set of ideals and behavior. Borrowing from Jonathan Swifts, “Gulliver’s Travels”, I chronicled my journey through the Caribbean and West Africa in a series of drawings entitled, The Capture. These mix media pieces, textual mélanges of ink, oil, graphite and charcoal, depict voluptuous female figures amid a strange world of decay and destruction. The Capture is the initial phase to constructing a non-typical black female heroine persona. By delving into the subconscious mind of a fictitious black heroine and the ephemeral quality of her thoughts and experiences. The Capture is an attempt to structure a new mythology that explores black female sexuality and sensuality.

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