Paola Davila

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interior seasons, 2010

E6/LIGHTJET, 48" x 48"

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Interior Seasons (1)

"A puddle contains a universe."

Gaston Bachelard, L'eau et les rĂªves.

"No one bathes twice in the same waters", said Heraclitus, when speaking of the passage of Time with the image of a river. Water is not just the origin of life, but its occurrence. Gone times are passed waters, and the downpour, the thunderstorm, is temporary. Time as duration, a concept described by

French philosopher Henri Bergson, is easily explained with this metaphor: Time is a river whose flow comes to the Present from the Past, and goes on to the Future. It is also the opposite concept, sustained by Gaston Bachelard: Time as present instant can be represented by the image of a sprouting fountain.

Water is the key element of our existence. We are two third parts water in our body and, curiously, our planet keeps the same proportion. Water is life, existence in motion; Water is action.

There are troubled waters, as there are troubled times; dead waters where nothing happens, and deep, abyssal waters. The state of water can speak about our experiences and feelings, for, as water, we stagnate and flow, occupying spaces in a changeable and transitory way.

With Interior Seasons I appeal to Water as a metaphor for Time, as a trace of acts, as a record of Being.

(1) The original title in Spanish is Temporales interiores, were Temporales makes a words game referring to time and season.

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