Sarah R J Vaeth

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Mutable Box, 2008

steel wire, 7" x 11" x 5"


For several years an idea of construction/ dissolution has been the major principle of my work. My drawing process is driven by activities like placement, building, dismantling, rebuilding. Often I'm working from a basic unit of line or mark, thinking of the lines or marks functioning like bricks out of which the image is “built.”

This synonymous relationship between drawing and building arrives at literal equivalence in my wire drawings. (I do think of these 3-d constructions as drawings, only the line is physically embodied in a length of wire.) I may spend as much time taking a construction apart, as I spend making it. These works begin as symmetrical and firmly supported quasi-architectural forms- then I introduce flaws in the integrity of the structure, moments of slippage. I feel finished when I've hit this balance between precise placement and capricious disarray.

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