Erika R Nelson

[Dun Deal - stitched horse, installed and ready to receive grievances. And hits.]

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Dun Deal: Beating a Dead Horse, 2015

Stitched canvas, bamboo, sand, stick, marker, 24" x 72" x 48", 2d 0h


A life sized, semi-realistic dimensional stitched horse, filled with sand, will serve as an interactive object and discussion tool. Participants are encouraged to fill in text areas on the surface of the horse with words representing grievances, concerns, or topics of current concern. Markers/paint pens provided. Participants then have the opportunity to strike the horse with a provided stick. Participants are encouraged to evaluate their thoughts and actions, considering the ritual as either a release of said grievance/concern/topic, or as a venting of same. Interactive from 5-11 pm on Friday and Saturday during Lawrence Kansas' Free State Film Festival

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