Valeri Nistratov

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Documents of nature, 2011

Archival pigment print, x 150 x 200cm, Duration Variable

2,000 USD

My series of photographs reflects peculiarities of modern Russian landscape and nature transformations made by man.

An idea develops into visual reflections on new era in the redivision of human habitat in Russia.

Most of photographs in this project I made walking through large Russian territories: around Moscow and other big cities.

Working on this project I’ve studied my object by walking and reopened the place I live in, therefore society and man.In the Russian language there are no correct words for the notions as “landscape”,“landschaft” and “paysage”.

In Russian the closest meaning for them rests with the word “mestnost”(local area) in its poetical, philosophical and cultural meaning.

Looking at modern Russian landscape I’m thinking over landscape that has been changed by man, over land changes and its gradual transformation into absurd of consuming boom.

I’m also thinking over fragility and purity of nature that is still preserved near huge trading centers and big cities.

Valeri Nistratov

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