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The Bureau of Unknown Destinations, 2012

Train tickets, notebooks, people, time, experience., 120d 0h, Dimensions Variable


From January through April, 2012, the Bureau of Unknown Destinations offered temporary displacements to members of the public seeking to experiment with their migratory impulses.The Bureau distributed free round trip tickets for train adventures: day trips which began with the tearing open of a sealed envelope, revealing the mystery of where the traveler would find themselves by noon. The Bureau provided the opportunity for voyagers to set forth, free of decisions, into the great (or perhaps, in this case, the small) unknown. To test their sense of destiny. To have lunch someplace new.

Having given away 100 tickets, the Bureau moved into a new phase, developing Psychogeographic Destination Kits, which we invite you to test. Download your kit from

The Bureau of Unknown Destinations was part of a three month artist's residency by Sal Randolph at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn.

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