Sal Randolph

[September 27, 2011, New York]

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Money Action: If You Need Money, Take Some. If You Have Money, Give Some., 2011

Altered money, plate, text, vinyl letters, people, cultural expectations, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Various amounts of money were left on the sidewalk on plates in different parts of New York during the fall of 2011. On each plate were the words "If you have money, give some. If you need money take some."

"Money Actions" is an ongoing series in which I have been using the social dimensions of money as the basis of an interactional and interventionist art practice. I give away money in streets, stores, galleries, caf├ęs, at talks, at dinners, over coffee, sometimes anonymously, sometimes in groups or person to person. Because money is caged in rules, simply acting outside these rules opens up new ranges of social action and interaction.

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