Megan and Murray McMillan

[What We Loved and Forgot: Photograph, 2010, 93.5” x 40”]

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What We Loved and Forgot, 2010

1080 HD video, 2m 6s, Dimensions Variable


What We Loved and Forgot is a single channel video, a large-scale photograph lightbox and a site-specific video installation. The video, photograph and installation can be shown together or individually. The video What We Loved and Forgot begins with a man seated on a easy chair in a room surrounded by discarded newspapers. A single tracking shot follows the man as he rises from the chair, ascends into a white space and then makes his way through a field of giant yellow day lilies until he ultimately steps into a new room and settles into the chair there. Below the room, a woman is in a kitchen preparing food. A meditation on memory and loss, What We Loved and Forgot, was filmed in the artists’ studio. The soundtrack was written and recorded by the artists.

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