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Perimeter, 2013

video, 7m 17s

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"The Brain needs not only perceptual input but perceptual change, and the absence of change may cause not only lapses of arousal and attention but perceptual aberrations as well. Whether darkness and solitude is sought out by holy men in caves or forced upon prisoners in lightless dungeons, the deprivation of normal visual input can stimulate the inner eye instead producing dreams, vivid imagining or hallucinations"

Oliver Sacks, Hallucinations (p. 34)

Perimeter is a video about fields of perception which are predisposed in various ways; drugs, games or visualization with intended power. Through free association, grunge inspired music, dark corners and unsolvable puzzles I want to approach a visual perimeter. I imagine this to be border that marks a perception of visual field, a space between real and imaginary.

(The title is inspired by Nauman’s “Walking in an Exaggerated Manner around the Perimeter of a Square”)

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