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[The Life & Times Of The Oldest Man in Sogn og Fjordane, in development, 2013]

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The Life and Times of the Oldest Man in Sogn og Fjordane, 2013

High definition video, 1h 0m, Dimensions Variable


Having its roots in the project “Kome til deg i Tidende” hosted by the Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, “The life and Times of the Oldest man in Sogn og Fjordane”, by British artist Anne-Marie Creamer is the time-based version of the project that has its roots in meta newspaper, ‘Kome til deg i Tidende’, ( In issue one of Kome til deg i Tidende Anne-Marie published a death notice in the newspaper that declared that the body of an old man, a fictional creation of hers, had been found dead in mysterious circumstances near to the Jostedalsbreen Glacier in Sogn og Fjordane. About 110 years old she proposed he was the oldest man in the region and that he had been born and lived on Måløy, Vågsøy. A few months later in May 2012 she travelled to the island to hear local people’s memories of him. As well as recording the topology of the island, and the events of National Day she also met with Terje Sølvberg, local historian, Arne and Rita Andal, restauranteurs and musician, Mari Saltkjel, priest, Turid Breidalen, local writer and story-teller, Thorolf Steenslid, businessman and Anette Karlsen and Tine Størdal, students in order to tell the life of this man.

The result is a short HD video film titled The life and Times of the Oldest man in Sogn og Fjordane”, which uses a series of interviews with the eight islanders around which to structure images, sound, stories and songs about the semi fictional, long life of a fictional old man in the hope that in the process this might also become in part a kind of portrait of Måløy, Vågsøy, speaking also of the history and experience of the wider region.

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