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untitled(Multiplicity VI), 2013

Plant sprayer with Acrylic on Linen, 72" x 54" x 2.5"


I am interest in how individuals arrive at different understandings of the world. A person’s concept of a thing vastly differs to the others based on his experience in the world. The Philosopher, Henri Bergson introduces the idea of the “absolute” as the whole of the multiple possibilities. It is only possible to know the absolute of a thing by knowing the entire duration of possibilities that make up that thing. Thus, the idea of the “absolute” is only possible by knowing the entire duration from the primaries of infinite possibilities.

In my work, The viewer experiences my work through his habitual thought process of synthesizing ideas based on his particular past experiences. However, the viewer is only able to access the surface of the painting. Each color field is a different level of density that depends on how many times it is layered. The division of the surfaces represents the different duration of the time it took to apply the layer. Although a viewer can only experience the top layer of each color field, the viewer has a chance to see through the surface, since every layer within the painting is made of exactly the same color. Thus, the viewer is essentially able to “know” the entire duration of the painting.

The sprayed layers never congeal into one, they remain connected due to their proximity, one on top of another, forming a whole self, and whole painting, while maintaining independence. I am trying to find the relationship between these layers as well as the relationship between myself and the painting, the viewer and the painting (by way of these layers), and eventually myself and the viewer. This experience of relating over and over in different iterations is how I can begin to connect not only the varied layers inherent in the creation of each painting, but also connect to the individuals viewing my work. Thus, I am able to create continuity out of a process that is built on the accumulation of separate parts.

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