Maureen Keaveny

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L U X, 2011

Overhead Projector, Cardboard, Prisms, Palms, Fog Machine, Netting, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


L U X is the measure of illumination and intensity.

This installation was a part of THE FREE CHURCH at Public Fiction in Los Angeles.


Inspired by a rich history of cults and new religions in Los Angeles, as well as by the persistent trend towards spirituality in contemporary art and music, The Free Church of Public Fiction will open its doors from February 23rd to May 6th 2011.

The Free Church will host a series of installations, cult dinners, musical performances, rituals and ceremonies. The four walls of the space will be taken over by a set of artists, musicians and performers in turn. They will each become spiritual leaders of sorts and construct a new church out of the same frame.

In this city that cultivates eccentricities and theatricality, religion is a customizable term. The "Free Church" is a name inspired by Thomas Jefferson's writing on the separation of state and faith; the foundation of this country. In this case, our church is free of government but also of religion itself; it is now a term re-opened to interpretation.

-Curator, Lauren Mackler

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