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A Sea-some Medley, 2006

Lakeside Theatrical Peformance, 1h 0m, Dimensions Variable


A SEA-SOME MEDLEY was a play in 3 acts performed by the 2006 participants of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, in Skowhegan, Maine. It was a medley of 4 classic maritime tales (Moby Dick, Titanic, The Odyssey & Apocalypse Now) performed on Lake Wesserunsett to viewers who watched from boats. The cast included a shipwrecked narrator, Ishmael, Leonardo DiCaprio, Odysseus, Marlon Brando, a drunken sailor, Peter Coffin, Captain Ahab, a harpoon, Dennis Hopper, Queequeg, a figurehead, Kate Winslet and her mother, the FCC, the Goddess Athena, Telemachus, Penelope, a boom man, a Greek Chorus of flaming and waving sailors, a bow and arrow, Moby Dick, an iceberg, and several libidinous suitors.

Musical accompaniment was provided by a jug band orchestra and drinks were served by mermaids from a floating Irish Coffee Bar.

Collaboration with 2006 Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture

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