Hyounsang Yoo

[C, LC, VM, VLM, Y, LK, LLK, PK and MK (2014)]

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C, LC, VM, VLM, Y, LK, LLK, PK and MK (2014), 2014

Archival Inkjet Print in frame60X40 in, Dimensions Variable

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In C, LC, VM, VLM, Y, LK, LLK, PK and MK (2014) I used color smoke, which is similar to the 9 color cartridges used in Epson Stylus Pro 11880. My work questions the digital image making process, the mechanical formula associated with it and the complexities of representation. CMOS/TRAS CMOS (2014) is an exploration of medium of photography as an analogue to experience and transition. Being a direct translation of an image processor into a sculpture, the sensor, once a factor of the photographic process, becomes the photographic object, an element. Likewise, it is both embracing and subverting the digital process.

The smoke work is also about representation of color, and turning the digital formula into an object. The photograph can not tell you" I am color, or I am not color it can say" This is how color looks like". This was the main idea behind this photograph. Translation of color and how this process happens in photography apparatus and image making process. There is always a loss and gain of information in act of translating. Specially in color spaces, the idea of color is deeply defined by the systems constructing it. Like Epson for instance.

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