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Eyes and Ears - Homage to Rolf Julius, 2014

sound, video, photography , Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


‘Eyes is also a good listener.’ – Rolf Julius

Listening and looking back the work of German sound and visual artist Rolf Julius, we probably able to outline his characteristic of his works related to the natural landscape / soundscape. Many of his works and performances are somehow reflected to his observations in nature and landscape as well as his aesthetics in listening. By reviewing and reexamining the spiritual and artistic legacy of the Rolf Julius as well as the landscape around the residency location, the artist will present his sound installation in articulating the relationship between eyes and ears.

Locating at the coastal area around the residency location, the artist examines and researches the surrounding landscape of the location and accumulates the sonic and visual materials for the work especially the area of sea shore around the area. In fact, such perspective on seascape conveys at the artist’s previous works. This project tries to explore and search for the relationship between eyes and ears by looking and listening the on-location environment. And through extensive study and review of Rolf’s artistic practices, his practices will be treated at the starting point of this project. The presented work will reflect the artist’s sonic and listening aesthetics as well as building up the dialogue with Rolf’s practices.

Documentatio of the works: https://vimeo.com/85358639

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