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Buckskin, 2013

digital print on poly-organza, 72" x 72"

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This piece was part of my solo show, entitled Citrus Paradisi: of flesh & skin. Grapefruit wedges were skinned, and the skins were pinned and dried, then scanned at a high resolution. The images were then printed large-scale on translucent fabric, and displayed alongside a table with offerings of various grapefruit edibles (juice, slices, candy, liqueur etc.). In this way, the the grapefruit skins became much more impressive, and their extraordinary details were more easily examined by the viewers. The titles are different equine colors and markings, making the pieces somewhat startling, and drawing a connection between nourishment and the horse as a provider for humankind. The combination of the grapefruit edibles and the skin images creates a strange wake-like experience in which the viewers partake.

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