Sharon Levy

[West Collection. Photo: Pablo Mason]

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Cookie (detail), 2007

Steel, Rope, Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Foam, 108" x 108" x 36"


“Cookie” is the term used by scientists who study tree-rings to describe disc-shaped tree cross-sections. My Cookie is made from two paintings on canvas stretched on either side of a circular frame and ringed in carved foam rubber “bark.” The paintings simulate growth rings while also documenting the process of the piece’s own creation. This piece serves as a singular monument representing the awe-inspiring qualities of forests, and it overwhelms in both scale and time. Time is represented twofold: there is the “age” of the tree, and there is the time that it took for me to paint the rings. The story of time is told through the tree rings’ pattern, and that parallels the act of painting, as they are both examples of information that can be read from a line.

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