Juan Carlos Lopez

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Flamingo and White-tailed deer, 2009

Lightjet print, 33.5cm x 50cm

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I believe in the image as a way to rethink our ideas of reality. In the following photographic exploration, I seek to raise questions on the concepts of death, science, and photography.

I imitate the structure of a cabinet of curiosities, presenting distinct photographic experiments that relate the machine with the animal organism, emphasizing the ephemeral characteristics they share. The scientific quality of the images contradicts itself and exhibits our primal terror of finitude. Reason and delirium contemplate death.

The photographic investigations include still lifes, photomontages, a sculpture with photographic elements and the appropriation of a photograph downloaded from the Internet and reinterpreted in a hexadecimal system (the letters and numbers necessary to show the image on a screen).

"Memento mori" is a phrase that means "Remember you will die" in Latin; the Roman slaves would repeat it while accompanying their conquerors on their triumphal parade through the streets of Rome. These words were a reminder that their works and glory were fleeting; that in the end, they were merely mortal.

This project was supported by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Young Artist Grant, 2008-2009.

(Translation by Audrey Young)

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