Erik Bünger

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Gospels, 2006

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After long research a picture started to emerge. Going through a vast amount of archive material I stumbled upon more and more interview clips where there seemed to be a lack of clarity as to whom the person on camera was actually referring to.

Yet they all spoke of Him. Sometimes the reports on Him seemed to reinforce each other and sometimes they seemed to contradict each other. Nevertheless there was something in the tone of their voices and in the way they raised their hands that made me sense some sort of coherence in their experience. Sometimes I felt I caught a glimpse of a silhouette reflected in their eyes.

Gospels is work with an open-ended duration. As new material is found new chapters will be added, slowly completing and complicating the picture. A canon in the making.

The project was initiated during a two-month residence at Werkleitz Gesellschaft in Halle, Germany in the spring of 2006.

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