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The Diary Project, 2007

envelopes, mixed media, 365d 0h, Dimensions Variable


The Diary Project is a two-part project that is currently half complete.

Every single day during 2007 I drew on the back of an envelope, placed something secret inside and posted it to myself before midnight. Rather impressively, the Post Office managed to return every single envelope more or less intact!

When these envelopes returned to me after their journey through the postal system, they were scanned and writen about on a dedicated blog.

The envelopes are now being kept unopened until they can be exhibited as a whole artwork, at which point members of the public will be able to open the letters and investigate the contents. Once the letters have been opened, the contents will also be scanned and displayed on the Diary Project blog and the project will finally be complete.

The rest of The Diary Project can be viewed at:

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