Blazo Kovacevic

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Green Bag, 2010

digital print on Lexan, 16" x 19.5" x 0.25"

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Blazo Kovacevic

Probe 2009-2010

Atelier Dado, National Museum of Montenegro, September 2010, Cetinje, Montenegro

O3ONE, September 2010, Belgrade, Serbia

Gallery Espresso, January-February 2009, Savannah, Georgia, USA

The project “Probe” is a sharp commentary on the issue of personal freedom and how it is abused today worldwide in the name of “war on terror”– The project raises questions whether taking away citizens’ rights to privacy is a legitimate tool in this fight; do we lose more than we gain by giving up so much? This project also refers to the issue of identity: true, assumed, hidden, etc. The image of the body as distorted identity generated in media: TV reality shows, beauty magazines, and in popular visual culture, terrorizes us with unrealistic aesthetical norms, expectations, and illusions.The heroic image of this exhibition is our own hidden, frightened body, revealed, and strangely enough, people are more accepting of their own body if it is “gentrified” through the art process, elevated from its natural existence prone to decay, and immortalized as a work of art. The artist is offering the redemption of the ordinary human body, celebrating its honesty and uniqueness.

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