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Digital print, after collage, 31.5" x 23.75"

194 USD

Surrealism, asserted André Breton, was above all "a revolutionary movement." And that movement, both visual and literary, was largely identified with the dream. Shock, non-sequitur, unlikely but often gorgeous juxtapositions were the signature elements of surrealist works. These ideas come to term in Immaculate Perception by Matthew Rose. Beautifully printed by Mariela Cadiz in Paris, the work is a lullaby in the surrealist cannon: A young girl in a bob cut dreams in a dream of a lemon tree. She is the revolution, says the artist.

Based on a smaller collage, Immaculate Perception is making a second tour of Keep Calm Gallery. This new version measures 800mm by 600mm and is printed on fine art paper in an edition of 50.

* Limited edition of 50

* Signed, numbered and dated by the artist

* High quality giclee print

* Acid-free fine art paper

* 800mm by 600mm (31½ by 23¾ inches)

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