Jacob Rhodes

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Candy Skin Project, 2011

Clothing, Croqui, Lexicon, Music, Lapwork, Quilts, Attitude, Culture, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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Candy Skin Overview, 2001-present

Here, you can see the many aspects of the Candy Skin life. In the far bottom right corner there's the cover of the "Bleach Splattered Boot Bois" 7" record. To the left of that is a Croqui of a quilt. Candy's make small drawings to figure out color and material storys before attempting a quilt. Next to that are a few Candy Skin pass times, the wreath, symbolizing past and future glory, and the tradition of tennis as a spectator sport. All Candys go to tennis matches to start trouble with local gangs and to show off their quilts. Above the drawings you can see the 4 basic Candy Skin Uniforms. These are the backbone of the subcult. You are called a Fresh Wrap untill you master making and wearing one of the 4 basics! Oi! Candy Oi!

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