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one to one, 2009

maps, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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One to one is a site-specific piece created from found imperfections on Classroom 102's floor. These easily overlooked dents and stains, left over from previous use of the space as a printmaking studio, were traced and cataloged by the artist. The tracings were then matched with cartographic locations using a selection of to-be-discarded maps from the National Geographic Map Library. The title of the exhibition and piece, one to one, refers to the “one to one” relationship that is sought—a dent or stain had to match an island on a map as closely in shape and scale as possible. Once matched, the cartographic location (the positive shape) was cut out of the map and placed directly on top of the floor imperfection, while the remaining portion of the map (the negative shape) was hung on the wall. The positive shapes on the floor were then labeled with corresponding numbers to the negative shapes on the wall. To view the piece, one must engage in an exploratory scavenger hunt and matching game of their own.

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