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Healing of K, 2008

single channel video installation, 11m 0s, Dimensions Variable

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"Healing of K" is a 10 minute video/installation/performance based on a box of found taped sessions of a late 1970’s psychic healer and her patient “Kaye”. These tapes are cut-up and assembled into a single monologue in which the voice via the tape machine on a pedestal addresses the audience in a manner similar to a cult-like initiation or brainwashing.

The piece toys with blending theatricality with unmediated physical response as it attempts to intially lull the audience into ironic skepticism of this somewhat hokey material, and then drop them into the primarily physical experience of intense color and sound synchronizations.

By recontextualizing the tapes, I not only choose to give a dead account of an intimate situation a new performative life, I also seek to question the situations we submit ourselves to in the name of "healing", "therapy", group affiliation, self-improvement etc. and how these oppose and co-exist with physical experience.

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