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Sloth: The Legless Woman, 2011

Xerography Transfer on Canvas, 24" x 24" x 1.5"

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PSYCHOMACHIA (meaning Battle of Souls) is a series that reinterprets the Seven Deadly Sins & the Seven Holy Virtues in a series of 14 diptychs. The aesthetic theme is the sideshow freak from the circus and fairs of yesteryear–nature’s artwork, if you will.

This series seeks to honor the sideshow freak as the masque form of the very best and very worst of humanity, regardless of individual morality. This work is wrapped in a celebration of the possibilities of digital media and rejects the pervasive sort of embarrassment of digital alteration in photography. The use of square canvases in Psychomachia is meant to echo the pixel of which all digital images are comprised.

“My work habit is to explore the physical reality of my reverence for human potential with ‘self as other’ as reoccurring content. The Psychomachia series, challenged me to not rely on facial expression. While every face is unique, humanity regardless of culture or language recognizes facial expression as the key to discovering the true soul. Limiting use of the face allowed me to further explore the physical uniqueness upon which the Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Holy Virtues provide the crux of judgement allowing acceptance of the physical.”

–R.L. Gibson, the Xerographist

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