Ayala Gazit

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Palm Tree, 2009

Archival pigment print, 11" x 14"

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When I was 12 years old my Israeli father told me that I have an older brother named James, who lives in Australia. James was the product of a relationship my father had with an English woman named Linda, who moved to Australia and started a family. Uncomfortable in the role of the eldest child in my family, I felt a great need of an older brother. I became obsessed with the character of James, who quickly progressed into a figment of my imagination. Unfortunately, my father and I never had the chance to meet him. James committed suicide in October 1996. I needed to learn who he actually was, to know who I've been mourning for all these years. I managed to find a documentary film called "Our Brother James" made by his older step-sister, Jessica Douglas-Henry. By watching the film, I met my brother for the first time. That was not enough for me and I felt a need to make work of my own. Thanks to the Tierney Fellowship, I traveled all across Australia in search of his family who, thankfully, accepted me as their own. The photographs that I have created from this journey seem like an epic tale with many complications and surreal turns of events. My aim is to create a poetic narrative of images, sound and text. By juxtaposing these fragments a story that is both personal and universal will emerge.

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