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[score for the sound component to when stars become words]

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when stars become words, 2007

wood, paint, audio equipment, sound compositions, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


when stars become words was commissioned for the mercosur biennial, in porto alegre brazil. the work began with a list of pronunciations of star names from the 1950s. i used the vowel structure of the 50 names to determine 50 measurement that determined a series of shapes, which were then combined towards the creation of two small cardboard models. these were then translated into a cad program by an architect, and built to scale in wood by a group of brazilian carpenters. the painted colors relate the vowel structure of the star names to rimbaud's vowel color equivalents, and finally the soundscape within each structure, was composed using constellation maps, that included the named stars, towards the sound compositions. there is more information on my own website,

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