Christopher Robbins

[Installation shot from Cardiff]

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Ghana Think Tank, 2009

people, dandelions, dvds, wood, dirt, Serbian pesticide, shoes, mp3 players, and a dog named love, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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The Ghana ThinkTank is a worldwide network of think tanks creating strategies to resolve local problems in the "developed" world. The network began with think tanks from Ghana, Cuba and El Salvador, and has since expanded to include Serbia, Mexico and Ethiopia. In our most recent project, we sent problems collected in Wales to think tanks in Ghana, Mexico, Serbia, Iran, and a group of incarcerated girls in the U.S. Prison system.

These think tanks analyze the problems and propose solutions, which we put into action back in the community where the problems originated – whether those solutions seem impractical or brilliant. In the past, some solutions have struck us as embarrassing or even offensive, but we've also been struck by the poetic nature of some solutions, and the realization that change can come from unexpected places.

Once the actions are completed, we send the results back to the think tanks, initiating another round of social dialogue. By applying a typical process of community development against the grain, traditional power-roles are inverted, places are exchanged, and stereotypes clash with reality as disconnected cultures work together in detached but physical ways.

The Ghanathinktank project was created by Matey Odonkor, John Ewing, and Christopher Robbins. Carmen Montoya joined the project in 2009.

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