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"Miracle Grow", 2013

site-speicific wallpaper installation, 168" x 300"


The gouache, graphite and collage drawing, “Herbicide/Pesticide Wallpaper Swatch”, was translated into custom wallpaper and installed as a 14' x 25' site-specific room installation. Drawn by hand and reproduced digitally, the wallpaper features vintage pesticide cans and herbicide containers among brightly colored flower-like shapes and meandering intestinal segments. Using the color palette and patterning of 1950’s kitchen wallpaper that celebrated domestic life, Miracle Grow similarly glorifies the widely celebrated industrialized “wonder” chemicals of the post WWII era. However, this contemporary version uses unsettling imagery in tandem with decorative elements to highlight the absurdity of putting these now known toxic chemicals on a pedestal of admiration.

"Miracle Grow" was commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art, with generous support from the Puffin Foundation and Spoonflower.

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