Nezaket Ekici

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Wirbelrausch, 2008

60.000 fresh rose duds; transparent dress, paste, 2 Konfetti Maschines, 2 assistants, 30m 0s


performance intsllation: wirbelrausch 2008

The performance-installation " vortical intoxication " shows the combination of body and nature. The artist is located in a field full of rose petals, distributed by airburst of rose petals, falling down from the sky. The artist is fascinated by the beauty and the fresh scent the rose petals. Driven by the desire to be one with this Beauty, she revolves around her own axis and apparently ignites a vertebrate, the sea of flowers moves in the air. While they are in motion in this vortex of flowers, the flowers stick to her transparent dress, which is prepared with adhesion. She merges with nature. The rotation is similar to the dance of the Dervishes, believing that the main force of the universe is love and to be found in the middle of everything. The artist takes this literally and connects with nature by turning over and over around herself Finding her middle of the univers by rotation constantly.

presented at:

"Bl├╝tenzeit" Wenkenpark, Kulturb├╝ro Riehen, Schweiz, 30.05 - 31.5.2008

Contemporary Istanbul Fair Istanbul, Turkei, 15-19.10.2008

photo by andreas dammertz

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