[Installation view, Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo]

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Gentleman's Traveling Shrine, 2008

Chairs, porcelain, silver, crystal, wood, shrink-wrap, 140cm x 140cm x 80cm


An anecdote about the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin is the point of departure for the sculpture Gentleman's Traveling Shrine. On his expedition to the Taklamakan desert, Hedin carried with him a year's worth of the newspaper Nya Daglig Allehanda, so he could enjoy his morning tea with a newspaper. The newspaper itself thus became a sort of teleporter and/or time machine, transporting him back to civilization in Sweden.

Gentleman's Traveling Shrine functions in a similar way; as a mystic object which - in spite of pragmatically being completely useless - works as a spiritual anchor-point, a channel back to civilization and the ideas, ideals and values connected to it.

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