Kirsten Kay Thoen

[Installation view of Crystalline Pyramid & Crystalline Pendulum: Galeria Melissa Soho]

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Crystalline Pendulum & Crystalline Pyramid, 2014

Duratrans, plexiglass, resin, and LEDs, 102" x 45" x 45"

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Crystalline Pendulum & Crystalline Pyramid depict enlarged photo-transparencies of ice crystals scattered across a black sand beach from a receding glacier in Iceland, captured in their last glacial breaths before transforming into ocean. The two interrelating sculptures glow from within, resembling a monumental icicle formation evocative of a futuristic hourglass.

Dimensions: Crystalline Pendulum: 45x45x102" | Crystalline Pyramid: 45x45x69"

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