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two ways of feeling about being in the same room together, 2011

aluminum foil, concrete floor, draft from open windows, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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I suspended two identical, untouched pieces of aluminum foil of shoulder width, shoulder width apart. The two pieces freely responded to the the draft as it came through the space, in sonic conversation articulating the differences of their experiences. The concrete floor, typically a silent participant in a space, was given a presence as a part of the instrument.

My intention was to isolate the airflow within this space and amplify it while recording it via extremely sensitive responsive subjects. Their every movement was recorded on their surfaces. In the places where they bent again and again, holes appeared increasing the vulnerability of the material and influencing its movement.

The simplicity of the materials was important - I wanted to create a sense of wonder in an unexpected place with unexpected material. I was drawn to the simultaneous elements of fragility and strength of aluminum foil, and its delicate impressionability and reflective qualities. I arranged the reflective sides facing inward so that they would bounce the light back and forth in the space between them. I did this to call attention to the space between them as the stage for their unison and variation.

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