Legacy Russell

[MINE (NOT YOURS), printable signs for distribution, 2011]

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Signs, ribbons, mixed materials, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Trust Art proudly welcomes its eleventh project, spearheaded by artist Legacy Russell, to the Trust Art community. Russell’s project, OPEN CEREMONY, will be a contemporary exploration of ceremony, ritual, and idolatry through site-specific performative and interactive installations (dubbed by the artist as “social shrines”) throughout Lower Manhattan.

Russell is the first new artist to be introduced to the Trust Art platform since its inception in early 2009; her arrival marks the beginning of Trust Art’s plan to open its shareholder-based funding model to the wider artist community.

Having begun in late June, the OPEN CEREMONY project will be broken up into four “rites,” each of which will be gradually released into the public realm over the coming months. Each rite will aim to experiment with a different facet of public worship and remembrance, as inspired by the cultural and social milieu of the East Village and the Lower East Side. The hope for the Open Ceremony project is that it will contribute to an ongoing dialog, building upon the collective consciousness and visual vernacular of two sites undergoing change.

The second of the four, “Rite of Reclamation: MINE (NOT YOURS)”, asks residents of the East Village and Lower East Side to join the artist in a symbolic reclamation of this geographic site as their own. Over a period of three months the artist will post up signs with this declaration throughout the neighborhood and distribute them to local residents. Each participant will also be given a ribbon with MINE (NOT YOURS) printed on it. These ribbons can then be fixed to various structures in the area; when the ribbon falls off, it is the hope of the artist that the declaration will be realized. This aesthetic is based on a similar practice that takes place at the church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim (Our Lord of the Good End) in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and has been referenced in a myriad of creative projects, both spiritual and otherwise, throughout contemporary art practice and beyond.

Challenging notions of ownership and provenance, and acknowledging clashes of space and territory as part of the rich history of the area, the Rite of Reclamation is a call to action and an act of solidarity, building on the previous Rite of Remembrance, wherein residents and the artist alike processed the ever-evolving history of two neighborhoods in flux.

Copies of signs reading MINE (NOT YOURS) will be available for download as a PDF via the Trust Art website. Print these out at your leisure and fix them to a structure in your area.

An online map will be updated with the artist's location in the coming months. Interested participants can follow @OpenCeremony and @TrustArt on Twitter to keep updated on the project’s location.





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