Jaap Scheeren

[identity crisis as shown in an exhibition in FOAM, Amsterdam]

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Pigeon always wanted to be a parrot, 2009

pigeon/ paint/ glass & c-print, 40" x 25" x 18"

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identity crisis, who doesn't have it.


The world is not ruled by order or logic. As an artist, I am to show the dormant underworld beneath the varnish of everyday reality. I skim through books, the daily papers, and the Internet whilst taking notes of unusual facts, ridiculous tidbits, derisory accomplishments and disconcerting discoveries made as if to pass unnoticed in the printed columns. From such starting points I seek to build up the photographic image. However, sometimes when confronted with these eccentricities, I see that there is no need to execute these carefully schemed plans. I tell different stories yet at the same time and every story is connected as they are related back to me. My practice investigates the narrow links between reality and reliability, often with a focus on the strange relationship between beautiful environments and their inhabitants. I search for a plausible made world; one I can adjust to my view of it--an image on the verge of reality.based on a txt by Raphaelle Stopin.contact via: www.jaapscheeren.nl

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