Hortense Le Calvez

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Branche, 2014

wood, water, glass, metal, plexiglas, pumps, resin, artificial leaves, 163cm x 80cm x 29cm

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An aquarium is an object re-creating the natural habitat of animal or vegetal alive specie. The aquatic space in this piece is a transitory milieu that a dead branch crosses. Inside this space, the movements of the leaves represent life. However this is only a representation of the living, a plastic parody of a bark-less wood recovered by epoxy resin. Leafs are evolving alike sea creatures around the branch. Opposite from what we are experiencing on land, in the sea what is difficult is to stop the movement, not to initiate it. The alleviating and decorative aspect of the leaves in this work, leave the viewer seduced. Nature is presented here as manufactured product intended to calm anguishes.

«The paradox is that even as our connections to the local environment as nature are weakening, the presence and force of the environment as a factor in personal consumption and health choice loom ever larger. More personal, internalized representation of ‘what nature is’ are becoming far more significant.»

Beyond the risk society

Gabe Mythen, Sandra Walklate

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